About Us

Gulf Thunder Corporation is an internet research and publishing company.

We publish ebooks and market the ebooks to readers in a variety of formats and with a number of downloading and purchasing options.
Formats include PDF, vendor independent EPUB, ibook for Apple, mobi and AZW for Kindle.
Download and purchase options include direct download of PDF, Amazon.com, Apple iBook Store and others.

Placement of promotions by a variety of advertisers is available in Ebooks as well as exclusive sponsorship.

Also, Gulf Thunder Corporation works with a select group of authors recognized as experts in their fields to develop and publish approximately twelve new titles per year.

Our mission statement highlights our most unique talent: identifying and preserving the knowledge of previous generations by transforming crumbling and tattered pages into freshly editied digital editions.

If you enjoy reading, you will appreciate the selection of free ebooks we offer. Also, anyone can freely take advantage of our research and publishing expertise simply by asking for information on any topic of their choice.

If you are looking for an inexpensive method to place your business product or service in front of potential clients, you will be quite pleased with the size of our loyal audience.

Please take advantage of our free ebooks and do not hesitate to ask us to create anew or discover and restore information on your special interests. We would be honored to have you as a new friend, a client or a reader of our publications.