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A comic strip about a fictitious police department that investigates only complaints about the property preservation industry. The department reveals the complaint, the investigation techniques and their report. The comic strip is intended to publicize problems in the industry, both legitimate and exaggerated, and show how to separate fact from fiction.

A listing of field service companies, vendors and contractors. Used as a reference source and brand recognition for those listed in the directory. Gathering and clarifying information for the Field Service Directory furnishes a unique opportunity for personal contact with those in directory.

Property Preservation By The Book contains the entire contents of Terry Platt’s ebook of the same name in individual blog posts format. Reader response and questions allow for an ongoing process of improvement and timeliness.

The primary function of this site is to serve as a hub for gathering information about training needs in the property preservation business. This is accomplished by using question and answer sessions and monitoring of comments. Once this information is analyzied, a decision is made at what level should the educational material be created and disseminated. Introductory level information is published at this site and more advanced topics are published at

The second funcion of this site is discussion of the contents of  Terry Platt’s book, Property Preservation By The Book, prior to publication elsewhere so that it’s content may be evaluated by the public and corrections made as needed. Corrections, additions and other changes are recognized by visitor questions and comments.

The third and final function of this site is to serve as landing pages for course material at The classes are described and discussed here and links to the classes at QCUniversity are furnished enhancing SEO for both sites.

Complete text of Mortgagee Letter 2010-18 and fee schedules for every state and possession. Analytics from this site is compiled to evaluate the experience and language use of those interested in HUD guidelines as pertains to the Property Preservation industry. (on lease)

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