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SEO Marketing Services: Ideas and content that sell!

SEO Marketing Services: Ideas and content that sell! SEO consulting Memorable headlines Perception Positioning℠ Reputation Management Slogans Taglines Search engine optimization Product Naming Positioning Customer Case Studies / Customer Success Stories: Typically average 2-3  pages and 800-1200 words. May be up to 4 if graphics are included. Includes interviews. Used to show product or service delivers as advertised. 1200-1800. Interviews White Papers: Typically 5 – 10 pages. 3000-6000 Technical Writing: user manuals, product descriptions Press Releases  

Copywriting Services: Persuasive advertising and marketing copy for business, individuals & products

Copywriting Services: Persuasive advertising and marketing copy for business, individuals & products. Ad Copy Biographies Linkedin profiles Blog Posts: Typically 300 – 500 words. 300-500 Brochures Editorials Resumes Web copy: information page long copy, high-profile selling pages, news pages. 200-600 Bylines: 1.50/word Ghost Articles: 1.75/word Journalistic copy Speeches Stick Letters Technical writing Audio & Video Scripts