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SEO Marketing Services: Ideas and content that sell!

SEO Marketing Services: Ideas and content that sell! SEO consulting Memorable headlines Perception Positioning℠ Reputation Management Slogans Taglines Search engine optimization Product Naming Positioning Customer Case Studies / Customer Success Stories: Typically average 2-3  pages and 800-1200 words. May be up to 4 if graphics are included. Includes interviews. Used to show product or service delivers as advertised. 1200-1800. Interviews White Papers: Typically 5 – 10 pages. 3000-6000 Technical Writing: user manuals, product descriptions Press Releases  

Local Search Engine Optimization

The blending of search engine indexing and social sites has made local search engine optimization more rewarding while increasing the challenges only slightly. To enhance your local presence be everywhere you can be. Local directories, local link and social sites from which you can encourage citations and recommendations. Local customers dig deep and wide for information so recognition, mention or a link from even the smallest website can pay huge dividends. Ask for reviews – honest reviews. And do it often. Incorporate your request into Read More +