Editorial Process

  • Agreement made with sponsor that determines the ebook topic and an outline of the scope of content. This leads to the choice of the best ebook format to reach the target audience.
  • Rigid scheduling of release of chapters.
  • Scheduling of technical review prior to publication of each chapter. Sponsor reviews for technical accuracy but cannot make changes to content.
  • Clear and publicized policy of vendor neutraility regardless of sponsorship.
  • Contractual understanding between author(s), sponsor(s) and Gulf Thunder Corporation that Gulf Thunder Corporation owns the copyright to the publication; author has right to have his/her name on cover; and sponsor has exclusive right to market and distribute for contracted time period of no less than three months and not more than one year.

Sponsor will never be mentioned in content unless competitors are also mentioned. However, sponsor’s name, contact information and logo are prominently displayed on covers and/or non-content pages.